Stranger Danger Dinners

Stranger Danger Dinners are our flagship experience. We bring strangers together for a dinner where all the guests are a mystery... until you show up.

We partner with local restaurants and businesses to create unique nights where the focus is on good food, conversation and stepping out of your comfort zone.


Past Stranger Danger Events

We barely remember these good times, but there are photos, so they must've happened.

Our past large-scale events include Galentine's Day Dinner, our Stranger Danger Feast series for Fringe World, our Analogue Tinder speed dating nights, a breakfast for TedX attendees, and various other private getting-to-know-you shenanigans.


Stranger Danger Experiences

We're pros at idea-having, especially when those ideas bring people together in a shared experience they'll remember for years to come. 

If you want such things to happen at your next festival, fair, fĂȘte, event, corporate away day, work-thing, wedding, or party, then hit us up and we can make it happen. Or we can give you awesome ideas that might not happen, but we'll sure have a great time thinking of them together.

Conversation Card Packs

Too wimpy for a dinner experience? Need a last-minute gift for someone who doesn't mind swear(ish) words? Well, we also sell conversation card packs! These packs are similar to the cards we use at our dinners, and are ideal for bringing breaking the ice at parties, dinners, or while waiting for the bus.

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