Galentine’s Day DINNER


Galentine’s Day celebrates the wonder of friendship - and how better than at a fancy-ass degustation dinner party under the stars?

Stranger Danger Dinners invites you to a night of fine dining, comedy and conversation in the beautiful gardens of Lamont’s Bishop’s House. Hosted by kick-ass Perth comedian and Barefaced Stories creator, Andrea Gibbs, the evening will feature guest storytellers, a sparkling cocktail on arrival, a very special 6-course degustation dinner created by award-winning chefs, and event styling by The Butcher, The Baker, The Stylist & Creator that’s guaranteed to earn you a record number of Instagram likes.

You'll be seated with friends and strangers, so prepare to meet new people, divulge your weird thoughts, embarrassing tales, and darkest secrets (luckily there’s a full cash/card bar), or just talk to a captive audience about your pet iguana, Daenerys. 

Wait, is this on Valentine’s Day night?? Yes, friend. We’re kinda over heart-shaped piñatas, so eff that crap, ditch your partner, your pity party or your totally valid life choice to remain single, gather your best pals and grab your tickets!

Q: Is this just for women?
A: No way, José. Everyone is welcome. Yes, even partners.

Q: My BFF is coming, can I sit with her/him/them?
A: YES! This night is all about friendships, new and old. So we'll be emailing everyone beforehand to suss out if your friends are coming. It'll be fun. We promise.

Q: What's it cost?
A: $116, which includes a 6 course degustation, sparkling cocktail on arrival AND a whole night of entertaining super fun times.

Q: Can you deal with *insert weird food issue here*?
A: If it’s something other than vegetarian or GF, contact us before purchasing. We’ll email all guests beforehand to check for food requirements.

Q: What should I wear?
A: Lamont’s is pretty special, so this is a great opportunity to get gussied up to the 9s. If that’s not your thing, aim for a gussy-factor of 6 upward.

Friendship is everything, so come celebrate it with us.
Love, Stranger