What even is a Stranger Danger Dinner?
There are few socially acceptable ways to talk to strangers without people thinking you’re hitting on them. Our dinners bring eight potential new friends together, while supporting local up-and-coming restaurants on their quieter nights.

How do I get an invitation?
Stranger Danger invitations are strange and mysterious. Find and friend us on Facebook and you could receive one. Even better, send us a PM with all your details (avails, food issues, favourite joke) to jump the queue.

Where will these dinners be held, I don't want to get legit murdered.
All dinners will be in restaurants where no harm can come to you. In fact, our aim is to introduce guests to new venues – so everyone wins, and you don’t get murdered. HIGH FIVE!

Are your dinners a singles thing?
Absolutely not. Our dinners are for anyone looking to participate in a new experience, and with a desire to make human connections and new friends. There’s none of that other malarky, Johnny gutter-thoughts.

Besides probably my soul, what do dinners cost?
Dinners start at $65, which includes the many, many hours The Stranger puts into organising the dinner and being generally awesome, and you will also get an amazing shared meal. However it does not cover drinks, transportation, The Stranger’s yacht in the Bahamas or any Stranger Danger Dinners paraphernalia. If you would like to purchase your own deck of cards or contribute towards The Stranger’s yacht fund, hit the store.

There's a person I really do not want to see. how can I ensure they won't be at my dinner?
Totally understandable. Just PM or email us with their name and we'll ensure they're not in your dinner, no questions asked.

Do you only invite hipsters in their mid-twenties?
Everyone is eligible for an invitation – even you, you old/young/average-aged person. Groups are mixed, so you’ll have the opportunity to meet new types of people.

Are you coming to my city?
Firstly, wow, you own a whole city? Cool.
We have many plans, just have your people shoot TheStranger@strangerdangerdinners.com an electronic mail to alert us of your interest and location.

That font is so overused.
That’s not a question.

Can I bring my friend/partner/dog?
Most of our dinners are intended to bring together eight brave strangers willing to take a chance and go it alone (honestly, try it, it’s really fun!), but we do have Bring-a-Friend and Couple editions occasionally. PM us with your interest, and the info from Q2.

What if I hate everyone at dinner and have a terrible time?
Then it’s only a few hours, and we’ve all learned a lesson. Plus you got to eat some good food, and you were only going to watch The Bachelor anyway.

What if I love everyone at my dinner and we want to be IRL friends?
Great Job! Time to trade contact deets like it’s 1995.

Magnets, how do they work?
So magnets are made by putting a ferromagnetic object under a magnetic field, this makes all the domains spin in the same direction, which is what defines a magnet. Also electricity running through a wire creates a magnetic field because it has a flow of electrons in one direction.

Can I write an article about you for my major news corporation global network?
We’d prefer that you didn’t, but if you insist then please ask a bro first via email.

I have weird food needs, can you deal?
We do our best to take everyone’s needs into consideration, but it can be difficult to create a shared menu that caters to the needs of 8 people. If you receive an invitation, send a message with your requirements and we’ll see what we can do.

Can I send you a gift or token of appreciation?
Yes indeed! Simply leave it with any of our venues, and they will pass it on. If it’s something big, like a house, or a pony, maybe send us an email.

Do you want to know a joke?